My Motor TM - A Simple

Electric Motor Science Project

This is the simplest electric motor in our galaxy!

Almost magic

above is a poor kids web video of the motor actually running

(click on the picture to run an enlarged animation)

(pretty cool huh?)

And you can make it yourself !

The idea for this motor was sent to me in a dream by space aliens!

This is actually a cool science project, perfect for a school science fair. The materials used for this motor are commonly available and could be purchased in your own community if you searched. I have simply gathered them together for you, without waste, at an affordable price. It is an excellent demonstration model of how an electric motor works. This is not a cheap plastic, "made in a foreign land" piece of junk. This science project is handmade. The wood base is pre-cut and drilled. You will gain valuable hands on experience constructing this unique science project. This project explores and explains the magnetic and electromagnetic principals used to create the motion of an electric motor. Also includes information on magnetism, electromagnetism and switching electrical current and some practical experiments. Fully illustrated. Easily understood.

This is a great little science project for any kid who has ever played with two magnets and understands that magnets can repel or attract each other depending on their orientation.

This project can be purchased two ways:
1. A kit requiring assembly of the supplied parts. $6.00 plus shipping (and tax if applicable)
2. Completely constructed. (prewound coil) $11.00 plus shipping (and tax if applicable)

This motor is so simple, you could gather all the parts and make it yourself. That's what I did.

However, you will discover you will pay quite a bit more than $12.00 and have plenty of extra materials left over. That's what happened to me. I had plenty of left over materials and several friends asked me if I would make a motors for them. I figured other kids would also like to build this science project with their parents like I did. It was fun. My dad is helping me start and run my very first business making and selling this electric motor science project for you.

I will provide all the materials needed with detailed, illustrated instructions on exactly how to build My Motor. Also enclosed is an explanation (in simple terms) on how this electric motor works (6 pages total). In return, I will be gaining valuable experience starting and running a income generating business, from scratch.

You know..... the good old American Dream.

Almost magic
(click on the picture to run an enlarged animation)

What does it cost with shipping?

(Shipping takes about 3-4 business days. If you want to get your motor more quickly you have to pay extra for the quicker shipping.)

1 (un-assembled) kit delivered anywhere
in the contiguous United States: ...................$12.00

1 (assembled) kit delivered anywhere
in the contiguous United States: ...................$17.00

Both kits contain all necessary materials and illustrated
instructions to build My Motor (battery not included).

Assembled kit contains completed coil balanced with brushes.
Just plug in a battery and watch it go!

How do I order one?

Make a check or money order payable to: Matt
(Orders paid by check are held until the check clears the bank)

Mail it to:
17171 Englewood Cir.
Gospel Swamp
CA, 92647


Purchase with a credit card via PayPal

(You don't need a PayPal account to order with your credit card)

Educator Kits & School District Kits are avalible at bulk discounted rates

Almost magic
(click on the picture to run an enlarged animation)

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Hi. I'm Matt. This was my first motor.

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Email me at:

FAQ: Are you still selling these motor kits? Answer; yes.

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